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The idea for the Straus Project came from my passion for being around music, combined with my love for teaching.  Originally the idea was to showcase musicians that I have interest in, along with providing access to students in a live concert setting…  which has turned into whatever brought you here today.

I have spent the better part over the last two decades in a radio studio working in the pre-dawn hours producing multiple N.A.B. Hall of Fame shows:  The Howard Stern Show, and Mike and Mike at ESPN Radio.  I have picked up a couple things along the way working with these shows besides a caffeine addiction.

I started teaching in 2009 when it was suggested my penchant for being on time combined with my passion for the business needed to be shared.  The people that you see on this site with me tolerate my passions, ideas, and ridiculous work ethic – and contribute to the final product in a way that makes us want to come together and do it all over again, and again…isn’t that what it’s all about?

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas, compliments, or criticisms, feel free to shoot me a note HERE.


My road to the Straus Project started many years ago when I discovered my love of music at age two singing along with my Dad’s bluegrass albums that were recorded in the 1920’s. On my musical path I studied Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and Classical in high school and furthered my studies at Vandercook College of Music majoring in vocal music and minoring in piano.

In my early 30’s I studied improv at Second City and later enrolled in Piven Theater Workshop for scene study. I found a digital filmmaking workshop with The New York Film Academy, and decided to write my own movies and learn how to film them, which led to the formation of my production company - That Fat Girl Media.

Continuing my education and passion for learning the business, I enrolled at Illinois Media School and found I enjoyed not only filmmaking, but radio and voiceover work as well.  While I still have my hand in the theater, I have found a variety of outlets for my creativity shooting for the Social Network, KarynTV, and Straus Project.

I am a proud mom to a super cool daughter, and also happen to be a fat vegetarian - not sure how one of those things happens… (your guess!)

What am I listening to; NIN, Soul Coughing, Immortal Technique,  ZEDD, Pharell (solo and with NERD), Fall Out Boy, Nneka, The Grizwalds, Jamiroquai, and Gemini Club.


Everyone has passions, whether they recognize them or not. There's something in all of us that makes us tick. Makes us need. Things that bring us excitement and energy. Fire. It's there, we just need the spark that ignites it.

I always knew I couldn't live without two things: music and art. I spent most of my life with a pencil or a paintbrush in my hand and headphones on my ears. I always knew I wanted to combine the two could I be a listener, observer, and creator and get paid for it?

Capturing moments on film and editing videos excite me. This is the perfect place to use art and music. When I saw the opportunity to join Straus Project, I knew it was the place I needed to be.

I get to be surrounded by music I love, I get to cover and promote events with a hardworking, dedicated crew who is inspired to create content that inspires. We love what we do and it shows in our work.

Please feel free to contact me here with any questions or comments.